Player and Coach Development

Risborough Rangers JFC have an ongoing commitment to provide the very best opportunities we can for our players and their coaches to develop. We want the players to enjoy their football and gain as much as possible from playing the game, each player may have different reasons for playing, some will want to get better and improve their skills and knowledge, some will play because Football is great exercise, and others will play because Football is a great way to enjoy time with your friends.

For the Coaches we want them to get the most out of their time too, whilst all the coaches are volunteers, we want to ensure as many of our coaches are FA trained as possible, so that they can give the very best support to the players and also so that they can use this knowledge to develop their confidence as a coach but also over time a coaching style and a coaching philosophy, that will in turn help the players they are working with during their Football journey.

The aim of this page gong forward will be to share some of the great coaching ideas that are being used across the club and also look to use this page to let all the Coaches in the club know when and where FA coaching courses are taking place across the County.

Coaching Ideas

Please see below another video for you as an idea for your session. On guard is one of the staples of the old Level 1 award, but a very flexible drill that can be used to cover off 1v1’s. Is great for attacking and defending, and as it opens up, can be a great illustration for the players of the benefits of working together whether it be by passing as part of an attacking motion or playing as a team from a defensive point of view.

Upcoming FA coursesĀ 

Level 1’s

Currently the Level one courses being offered by Berks and bucks are all Booked up, but once more become available we will be update as soon as we have news.

So if you are interested in any of these please e-mail me on and I can let you have further information on how the club can help support you.

I hope your season is going well